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Consultation with Martha (currently virtual)

Using your doshic pulse and other Ayurvedic diagnostics, Martha will assess your core nature and imbalances, and help create a personal blueprint for well-being. With diet modifications, and herbal and lifestyle recommendations, Martha will help you feel your best, short and long-term.  30-minute wellness follow-ups for existing clients are also available any time, or after a Panchakarma Series.


Fasting Culture Consult with Martha (currently virtual)

In this 30-minute consult, Martha will review and discuss the results of your “Fasting Culture” FDA-certified Biomarker Test. You can purchase the consult in conjunction with a Fasting Culture Home Test Kit here.  Be ready to take notes — based on your test’s results, Martha will have much to share, including specific diet, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations to help bring you back into balance.

$75 Per Session

Dosha Yoga Consultation (currently virtual)

Your dosha yoga consultation with Martha will ensure your new yoga program aligns with your body type, current condition, and your goals. Martha and Olivia will co-create your yoga practice to meet you right where you are and support you holistically.

Starting at $60 Per session (current clients)

Wellness Packages

Panchakarma Series

Panchakarma is the nourishing series of Ayurvedic treatments that restore mind, body, and spirit. Treatments last 4 hours per day, with two highly-trained therapists using herbalized oils that are cooked each night for each guest. Series often last 7 days, but can be experienced in even a day, or over 28 days. PK is at the heart of Ayurveda, and effects are often dramatic, transformative, and lasting.

$655 Per Day
Intro to Panchakarma

All-Inclusive Panchakarma Plus Series

Panchakarma Plus adds a deep layer of enrichment, offering personalized services including extended treatments, private Dosha Yoga sessions, Sound Healing, Jyotish Astrology, and even, if desired, private Indian Dance classes. With you, Surya will curate a highly-customized retreat that will profoundly reset and transform body, mind, and spirit, and provide renewed and enduring vitality.

$1300 Per Day
Intro to Panchakarma

The Glow - Pre-Awards/Wedding Package

This treatment was originally designed for Brides (and Grooms!) to help them look and feel their best before the wedding.   In L.A., this treatment’s also requested at Awards Season, and some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities come regularly to Surya to get their Ayurvedic glow on. Customized oils, masks, rubs… this Series makes a visible difference. The Glow is the real deal, and from the inside out.

Starting at $500 PER SESSION

Single Day Treatments

Surya's Signature Abhyanga Massage

Luxurious and divine, the Abhyanga is a rejuvenating four-handed massage using customized, warm, herbalized oils, cooked all night for the next day’s use. Surya’s signature offering nourishes your body, opens energy channels, and restores a lasting, youthful glow to your skin.  This unique massage is the heart and soul of Ayurvedic bodywork, and the perfect introduction to Surya’s healing touch.

$185 Per Session

Revitalize - Vishesh

Vishesh is the vigorous four-handed Ayurvedic version of traditional Deep Tissue massage.  In this case, two Surya Therapists work in tandem, going deep into sore muscles with warm, herbalized oils personalized for your needs.  A Vishesh is a wonderful therapy after Surya’s Signature Abhyanga massage, when channels are open, the nervous system calm, and the body’s innate healing systems activated.

$375 Per Day

The Gentle Unwind / Kosha Yojana

In this exclusive, nurturing treatment offered by Surya’s Ayurvedic experts, you remain fully-clothed as your therapist uses gentle touch to effortlessly release deeply stored tensions. As the kohsas, or body layers, return to alignment, guests often experience surprising states of clarity and well-being, natural connectedness to their own inner wisdom, and lasting ease and emotional freedom.

$185 Per Session

Lights & Bliss - Abhyanga & Chakra Light Balancing

After a gentle, four-handed herbal oil massage melts the stress from your physical body, an Ayurvedic Color Therapy session under our Crystal Lights soothes and realigns your energetic body. During Light Balancing, you’ll be guided through a deep meditation, addressing whichever area you’d like, such as health or relationships. Guests often experience profound peace and lasting transformation.

$375 Per Session

Elevated Vitality - Nasya

Nasya is an invigorating and cleansing therapy that focuses on face, neck, and shoulders.  Wonderful to receive, and simultaneously purifying, Nasya therapy uses specially herbalized oils, vigorous massage, and traditional Ayurvedic wood and bone tools. Herbalized aromatic steam opens nasal passages, refreshing and soothing oils help clear the mind, and guests are left in a state of heightened and enhanced clarity and vitality.

$375 Per Session

Radiant Energy - Udvartana Scrub

An Udvartana begins with our signature four-handed Abhyanga massage that uses customized, warm, herbalized oil.  Your Abhyanga is followed by an invigorating full-body Ayurvedic scrub, made with revitalizing herbs, green organic coffee, sugar, and herbalized sesame oil.  An Udvartana Scrub promotes weight loss, increases circulation, and charges your system with vibrant energy and radiance.

Starting at $185 PER SESSION

Love Therapy - Lakshmi & Roses

This exquisite cacao & rose therapy begins with our signature Abhyanga, followed by a revitalizing, four-handed dry-brushing, and a decadent chocolate body mask with rare rose oil and pure cacao. As shea and cocoa butter secret you away in a sacred rose sanctuary, your heart blossoms. As a gift, take home a beautiful Surya Bath and dry brushes, to continue your self-care rituals whenever you like.

Starting at $375 PER SESSION

Mother & Baby

Mother Baby Initial Assessment

Fertility, pregnancy, labor prep, postpartum support — Martha and her team outline a plan for whatever phase you’re in, offering holistic Ayurvedic care, including nutrition, lifestyle advice, herbal support, and treatment where desired. Your entire journey can be supported, including 6 weeks of in-home postpartum care. Surya loves new parents and babies. We’re here for you every step of the way…

$395 Per Session

Conscious Conception Journey - A Couples PK Retreat

From the moment a couple wishes to conceive, Ayurveda provides effective, natural practices, including a special Panchakarma Retreat to eliminate toxins, create healthy, strong eggs and sperm, and the optimal conditions for pregnancy, and the healthiest, happiest baby.  For couples who haven’t had success with western fertility treatments, Surya also provides effective, natural practices.

$1310 Per Session
Intro to Panchakarma

Mother Baby Prenatal Treatment

Surya’s Trimester Treatments provide personalized support with specialized abhyangas that stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, support your lymph system. They’re deeply nourishing for your baby, who receives the same benefits. Trimester Treatments are occasionally provided in the comfort of your home, although coming to Surya (and staying for a nice Ayurvedic lunch) is a treat in itself.

$285 Per Day

Ayurvedic Birth Preparation

Surya’s Ayurvedic Doulas gently guide you through asanas, marma, pranayama techniques, and soothing mantras to promote a healthy, easy labor, and a graceful birth. Specialized Ayurvedic therapies, including oils and herbs, set the stage for deep relaxation and pain relief, and help painlessly dilate the cervix, open and align the pelvic bones, and position the baby for the safest, easiest passage…

$275 Per Day
Intro to Panchakarma